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Is this project still being developed

first post: coolpjmartin wrote: Hi am am very interested in Visual Foxpro .NET. Is this project s...

Anybody home?

first post: TPG wrote: Hello developers, I think it's a great idea and hope to see a rel...

latest post: TPG wrote: That's great news. Should we expect a beta/release any time soon?

Would this project keep going?

first post: elleryq wrote: I am glad to heard that VFP will have a new life. But there are no...

latest post: pravin_p_pawar wrote: New Life :) wow

GRID: We Can't live without

first post: Emanuele wrote: Hi Guys SFMBE This project is great and i'll pray (even if i d...


first post: fedison72 wrote: everything is nice but I worry about the speed of data access

Is this project for real?

first post: 4444dr wrote: Nothing new has been posted on this in a while. It would be re-ass...


first post: sbighetti wrote: Não sei se tenho a bagagem necessária, mas no que me for possível g...

Hello, first contact

first post: Luiz_Alberto wrote: Hello to all, Exist a first version of the new system creator ???...

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