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Project Description
The new generation of Visual Foxpro.

We are developing her the new generation of Visual Foxpro. This because there are still a lot of poeple developing in Visual Foxpro and with a lot of regret the development is stopped. We decided to redevelop Visual Foxpro in Vicual C# with a backwards compatibility.

Everybody is free to Join into our project and also discuss about the project.

First step is to make it fully compatible to Visual Foxpro 9.0.

Please also be so kind to send us remarks and also information for what you also want to see more in Visual Foxpro .Net. We will take this into the follow version of Visual Foxpro Net and that will be cone to benamed Visual Foxpro Sudio .Net

Visual Foxpro Studio .Net
This version will be fully compatible with Visual Foxpro 9.0 SP2, Clipper 5.3e and the wishes of our user, reader and developers.

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